When you think of a great craft beer, your thoughts could take you to a place of rustic charm, where simple and beautifully crafted beers are made in the purist fashion. Well, I believe that I have just met the brewer who lives there! Chris from Lazy Duck Brewing in Saigon, Vietnam, has a passion for making traditional German style beers for the local Vietnamese market, all from his microbrewery based here in Saigon.

I am privileged to have the chance to talk with Chris about what got him started and how is craft brewing journey is going…and it seems all is going very well for Lazy Duck Brewing. Chris explains that he is starting out very small, testing the market and supplying to a few local cafes and restaurants in the Saigon area. I can see the reaction on his face when Chris talks about all the very proud moments he has had. Like being at a cafe watching someone drink his beer and seeing them truly enjoy what he has so passionately created. But you can also see on his face that he relishes the day his hobby can become a full time lifestyle too…. and if the Kölsch beer he brought me to taste is anything to go by, then this day will come my friend, trust me on that!

The Lazy Duck Brewing Kölsch is everything you would hope from a classic German beer, but it was all the heart and soul from this beer too.. this is why craft beer will always king in my mind. Firstly was the aroma from this beer, the bouquet of floral citrus and sweet honey malt was evident, but then elements of herbs and freshly cut hay started coming through too. The mouthfeel was thin, but with a softness that added an ever-so-slight creaminess to it. The taste of this Kölsch from Lazy Duck was really FRESH man!… I mean it was bursting with flavour! It made me feel like I was drinking liquid sunshine on a spring day at a farm somewhere far away. I immediately got the bold citrus notes with a solid floral hop, this was quickly followed by a clean, dry and grassy freshness. After all was said and done, you are left with a lingering honey-like taste on your palate that makes you want to take another sip straight away.

I would pair this kind of craft beer with something simple that would not destroy the beers clean, pure flavours. I picture sitting down with a grilled swordfish with a few pieces of light cheese and chunk of bread. That would suit this beautifully crafted Kölsch from Lazy Duck Brewing perfectly.

I say ‘cheers to you’ Chris for dedicating yourself to your craft beer obsession, it was really great to meet you…. and I look forward to seeing you again in the future and hearing of your many successes.

Source: http://www.craftybeerbros.com/fresh-kolsch-lazy-duck-brewing/