ABV: 6% * IBU: 25

Lazy Duck’s Oktoberfest beer, brings the taste of the over 200 years old German tradition right to your favourite beer bar.  Don’t miss out on the dry, clean-tasting and crisp beer with the subtile bitterness of the noble hop.

Berliner Weisse with Mulberry

ABV: 3.5% * IBU: 6

This traditional prickling sour wheat beer, paired with fresh Mulberries, gives a distinctive and unique dry flavour. To serve, add flavoured syrups to smooth the sourness.


ABV: 5.1% * IBU: 24

A distinctive session ale from the Cologne, Germany area brewed since 1900. Refreshing clear appearance, little residual sweetness, creating a smooth crisp mouthfeel with a slightly dry finish.